Exploring the Impact of Tariffs on Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Prosperity
Vanessa Fong, Dr. James N. Mohs

The global economic environment has become more interconnected, a significant portion of which can be attributed to countries welcoming foreign businesses through foreign direct investments (FDI). FDI is powerful in its ability to grow and develop home companies while shaping host economies, which lays out a critical role in the generating opportunities, strengthening economies, and the circulation or velocity of capital. This paper extends the initial work of Ranish, Mentz and Mohs (2015) relating to global value chain decision making. The purpose of this research is to review and outline the sensitivity to Tariff’s on FDI and economic growth. The conclusions, recommendations and implications reached in this study are generalizable and appropriate for developing best practice solutions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijat.v8n2a1