Helping Students Succeed in their Accounting Studies
Sylvie Deslauriers, PhD

This paper describes the contents of a course entitled How to succeed in your accounting studies, which was specifically created to help students do better in those studies. This 15-hour course does not teach accounting per se. Rather, it covers things that students can do to learn more effectively. Several aspects are covered, from reading reference documents to writing exams, in addition to touching on problem solving and identifying key concepts. Because every student learns differently, they are asked to consider various ways of learning to that they can become aware of their own learning style, and then to assess and improve it. Colleagues teaching other courses in the program graciously agreed to provide their materials so that we could compile a series of specific activities that are part and parcel of student life. This educational initiative highlights the need to focus more on things happening outside of classes. For the benefit of their students, the staff involved in teaching accounting can readily integrate “learning to learn “tips into their classes.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijat.v5n1a3